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You can go days without food, traverse unimaginable distances, endure relentless blizzards, but if you are a wolf on the edge of the arctic up against the biggest predator, there is one thing you can’t do without: the pack.

The pack wakes up in the morning in a world where everyone is determined to live the best journey of their lives!

Wolves are unique creatures and have one of the most admired hierarchal structures in nature.
Being highly social and family-oriented animals, they are born leaders and have developed a deep understanding to one another. The pecking order within a wolf pack is formed and determined by parental care. The support offered by the alphas creates hierarchy and respect, which maintains the integrity of the pack.
The pack, like our society, thrives on the purpose and contribution of each of its members.
In our modern days, hunting for food and surviving natural complications have become seizing career opportunities, overcoming daily challenges and hustling in search of fulfillment and satisfaction in our lives.
Imagine we live in a world where we are all exploring our potential, living our purpose and contributing to making this world better.
Belonging to WOLFPACK will give you the chance to go beyond your limiting beliefs and help you grow your character and skills. You will benefit from a network of supportive mentors and coaches who decided to live their why and reach their full potential.




With a bold goal to help people live the best journey of their lives, Elias founded Wolfpack, to expand his influence and drive change and development in more people around him.
Elias wakes up in the morning, motivated to help people and make an Impact on them in the aim of pushing them to pursue the best journey of their lives.

His awarded architectural background offered him a critical mind that does not fit the mold, but rather strive to explore all the possibilities and aspects of a situation. Elias dedicated his time to study leadership, people behavior and personal development, while designing coaching and training programs. He now leads Wolfpack, successfully working with executives, young professionals and organizations to drive change, enhance leadership, and strengthen workplace culture.

Elias has designed and led coaching programs with various NGOs, companies and organizations focusing on the participants’ needs and aspirations, arming them with successful strategies to help them achieve their goals. He has developed a love for working with teams, and has been able to turn teams of various scales into one coherent body that performs efficiently and consistently. Elias has worked with more than 400 individuals on their personal goals, setting strategies and guiding them through their transformational journey. He has given motivational talks to organizations and institutions on various topics related to business development, change implementation, mind models and strategies.



Driven by the idea that people thrive when they are aware and knowledgeable, Sam believes in the importance of education and its impact on people’s lives. He believes in life’s adventures providing the most important lessons, helping every single person on the planet tap into his mind and intelligence to create the path they want in life.

His engineering background gave him the love for details and precision. His meticulous mind perfects models and strategies sculpting them into efficient instruments of Impact.
Having received his life coaching and neuroplasticity certifications, Sam worked with more than 200 individuals and more than 100 teenagers to help them identify their Vision and adopt the right mindset needed to achieve their goals. He leads energetic and effective strategy sessions, camps, trainings and informative group development for organizations and individuals. His impact is tangible to everyone around him.

His entrepreneurial mind has offered him versatility in dealing with people and working with teams on different projects.
Today, Sam is leading Wolfpack in Lebanon to grow the community and implement a global strategy of Impact and growth.




We met Nabih with the aim of working together on a short film. While shooting, our shared love for adventure and our aligned mindsets led to establishing a strong connection between him and Wolfpack. He has since then been part of our amazing journey and produced all of our films!


Phd | Master Coach

Rima has always developed an interest in Wolfpack’s programs and projects, and have contributed to various ideas and concepts mainly in the development of our Youth Leadership and Orientation programs.


Life Coach | Speech Therapist

Nour is a Speech Therapist who helps children and adults overcome their cognitive, linguistic and communication difficulties to improve the quality of their lives.
We were always lucky to be able to rely on her as a coach in many of our programs where she was able to leave a mark in the people she worked with!


Life Coach | NLP Practitioner

Stephanie is a Certified Life Coach and NLP practitioner. Through her extensive experience in the Education world, and her love for people development, Stephanie has contributed to Wolfpack’s growth!

We have asked the closest people to us to describe WOLFPACK in ONE word!

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