Good things come to those who WORK for it

With the booming of social media, it is now easy to follow the success of a well-known businessman, just as much as keeping up with the success of a former classmate who now owns his own business. Consequently, it is also easy to compare yourself with these people and to wonder “why them and notContinue reading “Good things come to those who WORK for it”

3 easy steps to lead your emotions!

Stay Strong.Hang in there.Be resilient. Difficult periods come with the challenge of going through them.How many of us have tried to set our emotions aside and ‘rationalize’ our problems? Somewhere down the road, our emotions will catch up with us, and we will start living on a rollercoaster of ups and downs. Being the leaderContinue reading “3 easy steps to lead your emotions!”

3 things you should do as a Leader

Social and economic crisis can have a toll on us both physically and mentally. While it is important to indulge in our feelings and understand them, it is also important to keep being productive, and adjust to the uncertainties that surround us. In order to do so, having a mentally healthy and motivated pack canContinue reading “3 things you should do as a Leader”

How to keep moving forward during uncertainty?

As humans, what scares us the most is the unknown. We like to feel in control and we feel uncertainty robs us from being in control. Moving forward and reaching goals in an uncertain environment comes in 3 steps: Acceptance, Assessment, and Setting an action plan 1. Acceptance Embracing the idea that nothing external isContinue reading “How to keep moving forward during uncertainty?”