A small team, committed to a cause bigger than themselves, can achieve absolutely anything.


Inspired by the US Marines’ training, this obstacle course is designed to help you become a better leader in the context of a team, and help you gain skills in decision makingdelegation and achieving results.

True leaders are the ones who seek to challenge and do better than themselves not better than the others, and that’s what makes them great leaders.

The Leadership Reaction Course is an obstacle course designed for teams to explore ways in which they can collaborate to reach success. Simultaneously, one team member will lead the rest of the team into the challenge, communicating the goal, assigning tasks and collectively overcoming the obstacle.

Commit, Influence, Lead, Aspire

The program will help you develop your character by allowing you to invest in your assets as a leader and work on achieving success in the context of the infinite game.

The course will empower your leadership mindset, train you to see the bigger picture, as well as develop your decision making and communication skills.

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