Wolfpack Athletes are self-driven individuals, leaders in both their personal lives and their community, dedicated to making an impact through their sports and their lifestyle.

Imagine we live in a world where we are all exploring our potential, living our purpose and contributing to making this world better.
Imagine we live in a world where everyone is determined to live the best journey of their lives!

In the aim of enlarging the community, expanding our influence and reaching more people, we are launching a new set of connections with dedicated and ambitious athletes, experts in their fields, that are willing to help us advance our cause stated above.
Athletes from various sports will join this community while benefiting from a strong relationship with life and business coaches and leadership experts.

Armed with their skills, their character, and their strong mindset, the athletes will have the potential to drive change and inspire those around them. This experience will allow the athletes to unlock their capabilities and expand their talents to guide more people into a journey of self-exploration, achievements, and life lessons.
Wolfpack Athletes is a commitment from our side to make an impact, both at the individual’s and community’s scale.

Karim El Baba

Street Lifter

Karim is a diabetic athlete. His journey is one of endurance, hard-work and most importantly of a strong mindset. He believes in what he owes himself, what he owes others and thrives to inspire people to follow their dreams and live up to their full potential.

Rawan Dakik


Rawan is a 20 year old mountaineer who has summited all 7 highest summits of the World.
To her, mountains are the ultimate mindset and mental strength tests out there! She wants to inspire people around her to break through false beliefs and chase their biggest goals.

Ghina Chehwan

Parkour Athlete

Ghina is a free running and parkour athlete exploring the limits of her body. She’s dedicated to keep moving forward, challenging her mindset and body into new endeavors and challenges. Ghina wants to inspire people to overcome their fears and pursue their dreams.

Romario Chamoun

Fitness and Calisthenics Athlete

Romario Chamoun is a self trained athlete, consistently building his mindset and his body to push all barriers. He is training his endurance to reach farther, and always sculpting his performance around his goals.

Charbel Satouf


Charbel Satouf is a passionate mountaineer aiming at deepening his connection with Nature. A connection that brings him value and determination to build his dreams. Charbel wants to inspire people to connect with Nature and find out more about themselves.

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