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Our Why!

We thrive to make an Impact on each other so that we can collectively lead and live the best journey of our lives!

Wolfpack is a community of self-driven individuals who are determined to become the best version of themselves.

We develop interactive coaching programs for teams to help them develop their personal and collective leadership, reinforce their trust and bond with one another and tackle their needs and goals.
With each team we focus on customizing a program that fulfills the team’s needs, our approach is not an off-the-shelf one, but rather based on an assessment and understanding of your goals and challenges.

By fostering a culture of self-driven individuals who are determined to become their best selves, the Wolfpack community can inspire and empower its members to reach new heights of success, fulfillment, and personal transformation.

Elias Soueidi


With a bold goal to help people live the best journey of their lives, Elias founded Wolfpack, to expand his influence and drive change and development in more people around him.
Elias wakes up in the morning, motivated to help people and make an Impact on them in the aim of pushing them to pursue the best journey of their lives.
Elias dedicated his time to study leadership, people behavior and personal development, while designing coaching and training programs. He now leads Wolfpack, successfully working with executives, young professionals and organizations to drive change, enhance leadership, and strengthen workplace culture.
Elias has designed and led coaching programs with various NGOs, companies and organizations focusing on the participants’ needs and aspirations, arming them with successful strategies to help them achieve their goals. He has developed a love for working with teams, and has been able to turn teams of various scales into one coherent body that performs efficiently and consistently. Elias has worked with more than 400 individuals on their personal goals, setting strategies and guiding them through their transformational journey.

Sam Kozaily


Driven by the idea that people thrive when they are aware and knowledgeable, Sam believes in the importance of education and its impact on people’s lives. He believes in life’s adventures providing the most important lessons, helping every single person on the planet tap into his mind and intelligence to create the path they want in life.
His engineering background gave him the love for details and precision. His meticulous mind perfects models and strategies sculpting them into efficient instruments of Impact.
Having received his life coaching and neuroplasticity certifications, Sam worked with more than 200 individuals and more than 100 teenagers to help them identify their Vision and adopt the right mindset needed to achieve their goals. He leads energetic and effective strategy sessions, camps, trainings and informative group development for organizations and individuals. His impact is tangible to everyone around him.
His entrepreneurial mind has offered him versatility in dealing with people and working with teams on different projects.

Meet our Contributors

Rima Soueidi

Coach and Program developer

Nabih Achkar


Nour Kozaily

Coach and Speech Therapist

Stephanie Ibrahim

Coach | NLP Practitioner

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