We believe in people making an Impact on each other,
We believe in the Pack making this World a better place.

We believe in 3 mountains that we constantly need to climb: our Why, Mindset and Vision!
Why Mountain
Mindset Mountain
Vision Mountain

our programs

Earth, Air, Water, Fire.
Are you willing to disconnect from your familiar environment? Engage in the present, and allow yourself to embark on a mindfulness journey with nothing but Nature, your body and your mind.

Go away by going Home.
The Find your Why Camp will help you adopt an infinite mindset and focus on unlocking your potential and have a strong purpose, providing skills and momentum to effectively lead your life and achieve your goals.

When camping becomes less of a challenge, and you find yourself yearning to hit the trail and not turn back in the same day, you’re ready to explore backcountry camping.
Flee the crowds and venture deeper into nature with all of your essentials strapped to your back.

Do you have bigger dreams?
Are you unhappy with your daily routine?

Have you been living out for the weekend?
This online program is designed for you to discover you WHY, and help you build a Vision of yourself by adopting the right Mindset to achieve your goals.

Whether you are an entrepreneur, leader, social media marketer, this program is
designed for you to maximize your potential and start thinking of yourself as a Company!

Decision Making, People development, Creating a healthy environment, and more are what leaders worry about the most.
Build a culture to those around you to inspire them to become the best version of

mountains of life

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A Man, a Rope and a Wall

Halfway through his Wall, hanging between gravity and the tension of his Rope, the Man seems to have lost everything, to have put everything on hold, attached to his last string of hope. THE MAN Looking closer at his face, his smile and his gaze, reveals more depth to the situation. You see the will…

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Flips have something to say

Standing on top of the 10cm ledge, her brain goes quiet as her body goes numb down to every limb. She’s probably done that move more times than she can count, so she knows her body can take it, but she’s terrified, as if that ledge she was standing on was a skyscraper – but…

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A climber’s mindset

Birds chirping, footsteps trailing on the fallen leaves, waterfalls gushing and running through the campsite. Another regular weekend in the mountains, between the trees. Another regular morning at the crag, between the rocks. Another regular day where he packs his bag, checks his gear, and beyond all else, gets his mind in check. Out there,…

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→ Outdoor Coaching Experiences

We design programs that will help you lead the life you want and summit the mountains of your life!

→ Leadership and Team Building Programs

We work with teams and executives to help them build trusting teams that will advance their cause and drive Impact around them!

→ One on One Coaching Sessions

We study and tap into your brain’s patterns and beliefs and strategize with you to help you reach your personal goals!

See you
at the Top!

‘ We laughed, we cried, we cooked, we sang and most importantly we connected. No words can even come close to describing my feelings at the moment. Thank you Wolfpack! ‘ – S.R

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