We believe in people making an Impact on each other,
We believe in the Pack making this World a better place.

We design coaching experiences for Teams and Individuals to help build their Personal Leadership and live the best journey of their lives!

what we do

Outdoor Experiences for Individuals

Adopt the Mountain Mindset!
We offer Outdoor expeditions designed as Coaching experiences to help you transform your life, challenge yourself and get out of your comfort zone!

Tailored Leadership Programs for Teams

Build the Team your Organization deserves!
Custom designed programs that will enhance your Cause and Mission while building Trust, Culture and Leadership skills within your team!

Impactful Coaching Workshops

Fast, efficient and straight to the point!
We are here to provide you with bespoke, state of the art workshops that will inspire you to give it your all every single day and live the best journey of your lives!

mountains of life

a blog by Wolfpack

We build your teams in ways you can never imagine!

The smaller the team, the more efficient the connections are. Attached to one another by a continuous rope, paying attention to keep a safe distance between us, and constantly checking upon each other while securing ourselves one quickdraw after the other, left on the wall by the leader of the expedition; Via Cordata is a…

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What makes a High Performing Team?

An organization is only as good as the people running it are. Building a dream team requires more than a list of skills and assets, and definitely more than a screening process during the interview phase. A team is a complex system. A system of organisms performing well alone, and better together. So, how do…

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What can you do when you wake up feeling uninspired?

I woke up feeling uninspired today. It’s been a few days now, that I wake up several times in the middle of the night, and struggle to fall back to sleep. Today, however, the overthinking carried over to the next morning, and I woke up feeling down, with a stomach ache that took me back…

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