The pack wakes up everyday in a world where everyone is determined to live the best journey of their lives!

Every travel tells a story, every story changes YOU!

The pack travels on adventures and expeditions that will expose you to challenges and obstacles that will push you out of your comfort zone and help you embrace the fear of change.
Read our Journal to immerse yourself with stories from the outdoors and start your journey!



Earth, Air, Water, Fire.
Are you willing to disconnect from your familiar environment? Engage in the present, and allow yourself to embark on a mindfulness journey with nothing but Nature, your body and your mind.

Find Your NORTH

Go away by going Home.
The Find your Why Camp will help you adopt an infinite mindset and focus on unlocking your potential and have a strong purpose, providing skills and momentum to effectively lead your life and achieve your goals.

The Leadership REACTION Course

Leaders are made.
Inspired by the US Marines’ training, this obstacle course is designed to help you become a better leader in the context of a team, and help you gain skills in decision making, delegation and achieving results.



We offer talks and workshops focusing on personal transformation in the context of the team. Delivering an immersive experience based on life experiences and aiming at building the team’s dynamic and shaping a leader’s character.

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The pack wakes up in the morning in a world where everyone is determined to live the best journey of their lives!

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