Temporary things are Permanent

Sadness and suffering are the result of unmet expectations and beliefs. How do you feel after reading this? Do you look back at all your unmet expectation? Reliving them? Do you express sorrow on what you have lost? Do you hold expectations and beliefs on what your life should be like? As we go throughContinue reading “Temporary things are Permanent”

A Man, a Rope and a Wall

Halfway through his Wall, hanging between gravity and the tension of his Rope, the Man seems to have lost everything, to have put everything on hold, attached to his last string of hope. THE MAN Looking closer at his face, his smile and his gaze, reveals more depth to the situation. You see the willContinue reading “A Man, a Rope and a Wall”

What type of Leader are you?

A general belief states that the best lessons of leadership are taught in the army. Concepts of team building, mission achievements, discipline, motivation and a clear vision have been glorified in the army. Military leaders have been celebrated as heroes. In this post we will study the Mindset of an army leader vs a scoutContinue reading “What type of Leader are you?”

Find out how Privilege can ruin your life!

Making something happens starts with the decision of taking action. We all know this but we don’t always do it. We are all aware of the things that make us happy, we can spot those patterns and repeat them, but somehow we always fall back into the rabbit hole and lose our drive.The captain changedContinue reading “Find out how Privilege can ruin your life!”

Live Without Judgement

The pack believes in people making an impact on each other, an influence that will lead the others to perform or feel better. That performance and feeling are related to two factors: perception and attitude. Let’s dig into each factor alone: Attitude This is your settled way of thinking or feeling about what is happeningContinue reading “Live Without Judgement”

Which center dominates your life?

A ship was sailing in the ocean when a light appeared on the opposite side on its sailing course. Rushed, the captain orders to send a signal advising the other ship on the opposite side to deviate its course by 20 degrees. The message was delivered, the sergeant on the other side confirmed the intersectingContinue reading “Which center dominates your life?”

24 hours of Mindfulness

Imagine going on an adventure with your buddy, and committing to living in the present. Disconnecting from all your surrounding and connecting deeper with your mind and body. Constantly expressing your thoughts, to make them adhere to the present. The weather was clear, the sun was strong, the wind felt good as it streamed inContinue reading “24 hours of Mindfulness”

How to influence your loved ones?

It is almost difficult to imagine that a sailboat could leave shore when the wind is coming from the opposite direction. In fact, sailing upwind is all about understanding the physical forces hitting the sail of the boat and maneuvering the sail’s rotation to get the resulting pushing force needed. A sailboat never sails directlyContinue reading “How to influence your loved ones?”

Start adopting an Outdoors Mindset

The pack travels is a program we offer in which we cover great distances while carrying our backpacks throughout the whole trip. Before every trip, a meeting is held discussing the trail’s distance, landscape and difficulty; the necessary gear and food menu and finally the predicted itinerary for the trip. In fact, thru hiking demandsContinue reading “Start adopting an Outdoors Mindset”