A Man, a Rope and a Wall

Halfway through his Wall, hanging between gravity and the tension of his Rope, the Man seems to have lost everything, to have put everything on hold, attached to his last string of hope. THE MAN Looking closer at his face, his smile and his gaze, reveals more depth to the situation. You see the willContinue reading “A Man, a Rope and a Wall”

Flips have something to say

Standing on top of the 10cm ledge, her brain goes quiet as her body goes numb down to every limb. She’s probably done that move more times than she can count, so she knows her body can take it, but she’s terrified, as if that ledge she was standing on was a skyscraper – butContinue reading “Flips have something to say”

A climber’s mindset

Birds chirping, footsteps trailing on the fallen leaves, waterfalls gushing and running through the campsite. Another regular weekend in the mountains, between the trees. Another regular morning at the crag, between the rocks. Another regular day where he packs his bag, checks his gear, and beyond all else, gets his mind in check. Out there,Continue reading “A climber’s mindset”

What type of Leader are you?

A general belief states that the best lessons of leadership are taught in the army. Concepts of team building, mission achievements, discipline, motivation and a clear vision have been glorified in the army. Military leaders have been celebrated as heroes. In this post we will study the Mindset of an army leader vs a scoutContinue reading “What type of Leader are you?”

Good things come to those who WORK for it

With the booming of social media, it is now easy to follow the success of a well-known businessman, just as much as keeping up with the success of a former classmate who now owns his own business. Consequently, it is also easy to compare yourself with these people and to wonder “why them and notContinue reading “Good things come to those who WORK for it”

Find out how Privilege can ruin your life!

Making something happens starts with the decision of taking action. We all know this but we don’t always do it. We are all aware of the things that make us happy, we can spot those patterns and repeat them, but somehow we always fall back into the rabbit hole and lose our drive.The captain changedContinue reading “Find out how Privilege can ruin your life!”

3 easy steps to lead your emotions!

Stay Strong.Hang in there.Be resilient. Difficult periods come with the challenge of going through them.How many of us have tried to set our emotions aside and ‘rationalize’ our problems? Somewhere down the road, our emotions will catch up with us, and we will start living on a rollercoaster of ups and downs. Being the leaderContinue reading “3 easy steps to lead your emotions!”

Live Without Judgement

The pack believes in people making an impact on each other, an influence that will lead the others to perform or feel better. That performance and feeling are related to two factors: perception and attitude. Let’s dig into each factor alone: Attitude This is your settled way of thinking or feeling about what is happeningContinue reading “Live Without Judgement”

3 things you should do as a Leader

Social and economic crisis can have a toll on us both physically and mentally. While it is important to indulge in our feelings and understand them, it is also important to keep being productive, and adjust to the uncertainties that surround us. In order to do so, having a mentally healthy and motivated pack canContinue reading “3 things you should do as a Leader”

Which center dominates your life?

A ship was sailing in the ocean when a light appeared on the opposite side on its sailing course. Rushed, the captain orders to send a signal advising the other ship on the opposite side to deviate its course by 20 degrees. The message was delivered, the sergeant on the other side confirmed the intersectingContinue reading “Which center dominates your life?”