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The best version of ourselves is not a product of the past, but the outcome of the future.

Many of us struggle to make a move, make a change, or stretch our comfort zone and turn the page of our current chapter to enter another. By default, we choose comfort, we choose the known and the familiar. We find ourselves justifying our position by labeling the next step with words like the ‘unknown’, ‘risky’, ‘difficult’, ‘uncertain’ etc. We even sometimes anchor our position by blaming the change of not being good enough, not fulfilling what we really want, or leaving it up to absolute fate and luck.

We end up not taking that step, not making the change and getting stuck with what we have, where we’re at.

Having a purpose in life doesn’t mean that we have to do one thing or stay in the same place all of our lives. Living our Why relates to being in charge of why we do what we do, in order to build the best version of ourselves. This can only happen by raising the bar of our expectations, making sure that every day we go up one step on the ladder of our lives. Otherwise, we will go through life, unfulfilled, looking back at great moments and reminiscing on past achievements.

Getting comfortable with being uncomfortable for a period of time is a great life skill.

Elias Soueidi

It is the sum of all the decisions we make, the comfortable and uncomfortable ones, the combination of all the different experiences we have lived. The best version of ourselves is the product of the labeled unknown, risky, difficult and uncertain chapters of our lives.

If you ever feel stuck in your comfort zone, too afraid of taking a step, worried about what the future will look like at every corner, here are a few questions you can ask yourself to make sure you are processing it correctly:

  1. Am I operating out of fear?
  2. Am I afraid of the change?
  3. What is the worst thing that can happen?
  4. What is the Pain in taking the step? What is the Pleasure in taking the step?
  5. Am I comfortable right now? Considering the same conditions, will I be comfortable in the future?
  6. What makes me happy? Is my next step depriving me of my happiness?
  7. Why am I rejecting the change?


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