How to build trust in the Process?

Don’t expect people to understand your Grind

when they don’t have your Vision.

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If you are an entrepreneur, an artist, a runner, a performer, a mountaineer, a student, or any other possible path you are on, you and I have one thing in common: the process of becoming the person we aim for.

We Are All Born Free and Equal. All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights.

Article #1 – Human Rights

While the above statement is a great one, an excellent foundation on which we build healthy societies and communities; when it comes to personal behavior, genes, talent, natural skills and other innate factors, we are not all born with the same set of specifications.

We are different.

What we share however, is the fact that we both have a Vision of the person we want to become.

And we go through life building that Vision and working towards achieving it.

We are born unique, carrying our own set of skills, talent, and specs.

Since the day we are born, we start forming a Vision of the person we want to become. We build the image in our minds, and move towards making it real.

It is what we call the process.

We often mistake the process to be a plan, a step-by-step guide towards achieving your goal. Although it may look like a plan, the process of becoming the person in your Vision is not one, and definitely not a step-by-step guide.

It is in fact a relationship with ourselves.

One with many ups and downs. On one hand, hating ourselves in moments where we were not worthy of our Vision, and on the other, falling in love with who we are, what we do, and the transformation we are going through.

Like in any other relationship, trust is a key factor.

Trusting the process of you becoming your Vision plays a major role in your overall progress.

Trusting that no matter your genes, background, talent, natural skills, if you put your mind to it, you can become it.

This article was inspired by an athlete’s transformational journey, the hardships he’s gone through, the understanding of himself and the mindset he adopted.

Karim El Baba was not born with great muscles, or a perfect body composition. Diagnosed with diabetes, he found himself on a difficult health path at such a young age. It is only by learning more about himself and body, falling in love with what he can do that he was capable of building his Vision of becoming one of the greatest calisthenics’ athletes in his country.

A young teenager’s dream of becoming a fitness example, an inspiration to those around him and a model to follow.

Building his Vision was the easy part.

His dedication, commitment and determination never really worked until he trusted the process. He believed that getting to his Vision happens when he invested in the grind and never cheated it.


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