Set your Morning Rituals today!

Hearing about all those successful people waking up at 4am, working out and following the exact same ritual every morning can be inspiring but also difficult to digest and implement directly in your life.A morning ritual is a great way to kick starts your day, and become the leader of your own time. But sometimes,Continue reading “Set your Morning Rituals today!”

How to empower your Self-Discipline

January is often the month when the vast majority of people set their annual resolutions: adopt a healthy lifestyle, start a side hustle, learn a new language, the options are endless. January is also the month with the most gym subscriptions. Unfortunately, the majority of those new members don’t last past March. Why do weContinue reading “How to empower your Self-Discipline”

Start with Why

On a breezy afternoon, all the kids were gathered in the main plaza. In their minds, the plaza represented the universe. Each one of them had a vision, formed a game, created an objective, and was completely absorbed by the infinite possibilities provided by the world.A few hours later, the parents came to pick upContinue reading “Start with Why”

Confidence begets confidence

A rock climber’s life is in the hands of the belayer. The belayer is the person who controls the safety rope at the bottom of the mountain.  When the climber shouts: “Belay”, the rope should be tight, holding the climber’s in his position.Before any difficult or long reach move, the belayer needs to ensure thatContinue reading “Confidence begets confidence”

3 steps to avoid Panic!

We all go through periods in our lives where we feel like we lost control. Mary felt like she lost control when she got laid off her job due to an unexpected turn of events. Even though it wasn’t her dream job, and she was planning on quitting one day and pursuing her passion ofContinue reading “3 steps to avoid Panic!”

Follow this Recipe for Change

In anthropology, human beings are constantly changing, always evolving into hopefully becoming better versions of themselves. Every year, month, week and even every day, we wake up in the morning with a set goal in mind aiming at achieving it. There are two types of daily goals: Finite goals and infinite goals. Finite goals areContinue reading “Follow this Recipe for Change”

How to choose your Leadership buddy?

Many athletes have taken upon themselves the will to travel into a world where the biology of the human body is not made to survive.Scuba divers, free divers and mountaineers have chosen to stretch the limits of their bodies and fight extreme pressure, lack or complete absence of oxygen, temperature change, environmental challenges and physicalContinue reading “How to choose your Leadership buddy?”

Tips on how to ride the waves of your environment

Out in the ocean, waves may vary in intensity and volume; however one thing is common, they all come in series of 8-9 waves. This pattern is what surfers study and wait for to ride the perfect one. Our daily environment is structured in a similar manner; our daily challenges, obstacles, encounters, meetings and relationshipsContinue reading “Tips on how to ride the waves of your environment”