What type of Leader are you?

A military leader values continuity, A scout leader values truth.

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A general belief states that the best lessons of leadership are taught in the army. Concepts of team building, mission achievements, discipline, motivation and a clear vision have been glorified in the army. Military leaders have been celebrated as heroes.

In this post we will study the Mindset of an army leader vs a scout leader.

The Scouts movement, founded by Lord Baden Powell in 1907, is a non-political, educational movement for young people. Kids are taught character-based morals and skills to survive and thrive in the outdoors. Most importantly they are taught skills to help them deal with their fellow scout members.

We will explore in this blog post the difference between the Military mind and the Scout mind.

Why you think you are right even when you are wrong is the ‘soldier’s mindset

julia galef

Julia Galef describes the rigid mind: Why you think you are right even when you are wrong, the ‘soldier’s mindset’.

On the opposite, a scout’s mindset, in Galef’s words is ‘seeing what’s there as accurately as you can, even if it is not pleasant’.

Military Mind

Protect and Defend
Signed on to a Cause
Value Community
Rooted in defensiveness and tribalism
Value being on the right side

Leadership as a Mission

Scout Mind

Explore and Learn
Investigate options
Value Truth
Rooted in curiosity and intrigue
Value objective, revealing facts and truths

Leadership as a Message

Whether we adopt a military or Scout mind has to do with our attitude about the things around us, ask yourself at work, home, or even in your community: are you defensive or intrigued when you find information that contradicts something you believe in? Are you here for the mission and the continuity or for the truth, the values and significance of the issues at hand?

Depending on your answers to those questions, you will learn about your Leadership DNA, the essence behind you as a leader. Are you here to deliver, achieve and accomplish missions; or are you here because you have a message to convey, something to say and an ideal to share?


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