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Why do you want to change?

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In anthropology, human beings are constantly changing, always evolving into hopefully becoming better versions of themselves. Every year, month, week and even every day, we wake up in the morning with a set goal in mind aiming at achieving it.

There are two types of daily goals: Finite goals and infinite goals.

Finite goals are in general short-term goals. They have set metrics, with a clear deadline and a clear concrete proof of achievement: buying groceries, or getting a haircut, sending an email or making a phone call.
Infinite goals are long-term goals without clear metrics, no set date and to achieve the goal you will be have to perpetuate the state in which the goal is achieved without necessarily reaching the ultimatum.

The same goal can be both finite and infinite, for example getting fitter: you could be getting fitter for your wedding next summer, or you could be getting fitter period.  In the first example, the metrics are set, the deadline is your wedding, and on your wedding day the goal could be achieved. The second example however, the goal is in a perpetual state, you will be getting fitter indefinitely for the rest of your life.

Any change you want to apply to your life would require of you to set your goal, and most importantly know which type of goals: finite or infinite. Setting goals put 3 parameters in play:

1. Why do you want to change?

You need to understand why you want to change and how bad do you want it. What is the pain and in staying the same and what is the pleasure in changing? This step is very important because it will give you leverage on yourself to remind yourself down the road why you are doing what you are doing.

2. Monitoring your change

Add Rituals to your day: rituals put you in a state and put you out of a state. For example, waking up 30 minutes earlier in the morning will help you get ready and be at the office 30 minutes earlier, which will make you feel more productive and help you plan your day better. Reading a book or writing your goals first thing in the morning will ignite an intellectual satisfaction in your brain and help you kick start your day.

3. Consistency

Focus on what you want and you will get to it. Focus on your diet, and it will get better, focus on your marriage and you will succeed, focus on your job and you will get the results you wanted. Focus is the key to maintain results and aim at better ones.
Rituals should become habits, waking up 30 minutes earlier for a month will eventually make it a habit, your brain will start waking up before the alarm every day.

To change your life, you need to change your physiology and focus. Life is like a camera, your lens can only see what you focus on.

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  1. Afdokia Khoury Avatar
    Afdokia Khoury

    So proud to be a Wolfpack follower, one of the great initiatives that would assist you better understand the society and environment around you, set your priorities straight, motivate you and support you!
    Thank you Wolfpack 🍀 See you at the Top!

    1. Thank you!! We promise you to always be there for every single member of the pack!

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