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On a breezy afternoon, all the kids were gathered in the main plaza. In their minds, the plaza represented the universe. Each one of them had a vision, formed a game, created an objective, and was completely absorbed by the infinite possibilities provided by the world.
A few hours later, the parents came to pick up their kids. Each one of them sat in the back seat of their parents’ cars and opened their tablet to play. Bedtime was soon and there was school the next day. The infinite possibilities had to wait for the next weekend.

On that day, Wolfpack was born.

We are all born with the instinct to explore, to discover, both the outdoors and ourselves. We believe in the infinite possibilities this world offers us. We believe in a world where technology and education does not limit us, but rather opens our minds to everything within us and around us.
We imagine a community offering a bright vision, building trust and helping everyone thrive, be fulfilled and powerfully work together.
We imagine a world where those kids would never have to go back to their tablets, a world with a supporting network helping people unlock their potential and live the best journey of their lives.
The pack started growing, influence was tangible, and the people around us were impacted.

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