How to empower your Self-Discipline

Self-discipline is doing what should be done, when it should be done, whether you feel like it or not!

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January is often the month when the vast majority of people set their annual resolutions: adopt a healthy lifestyle, start a side hustle, learn a new language, the options are endless. January is also the month with the most gym subscriptions. Unfortunately, the majority of those new members don’t last past March.

Why do we lose our momentum? Why do we lose our focus? Why do we find it difficult to carry on with our set goals?

A system is only as strong as its leader.

Successful people all share one major component in their lives: Structure.


Waking up every morning with a clear image of what should be done, in order to be where you want to be. Structure is responsible for your daily achievements, your focus, commitment and dedication. It is a list of small objectives, it is an action plan that will lead you to fulfilling goals and will eventually bring you closer to what you want.
Setting the plan is not the hard part. You know what it takes to change your state, but you simply refuse to do it.

The answers and the strategies are everywhere, the problem is, that we don’t follow strategies. We follow stories. Stories that we believe to be true. These stories are also known as a set of beliefs, which we allow to impact our lives and set our course of action. Following a strategy will require you to follow a new story.
In order words, following your strategy will require you to follow your story.

Empowering your self-discipline can only come from inside, it can only come from you. Start by focusing on yourself, understanding your needs and building a clear image of your vision.  This visualization exercise will allow you to see yourself in the future, to draw the scene you want to achieve. Once that image is clear in your head, something inside you will ignite a momentum; it is the beginning of what could become your breakthrough.

So, how do you shift your story?

Shifting your story requires a change of your state. Change your physiology, meditate, listen to motivating music etc.
Emotion comes through motion: everybody communicates well when they’re in their best state; everybody is a better worker when they’re happy and feel safe in the workplace. Thus, change your state and get to the right one that would serve your vision. Prepare your mind and body to follow your strategy, be prepared to follow through your success. Your story changes when your state changes.

Are you ready to turn your story into reality?

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