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No one will be declared the winner of life

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The pack travels is a program we offer in which we cover great distances while carrying our backpacks throughout the whole trip. Before every trip, a meeting is held discussing the trail’s distance, landscape and difficulty; the necessary gear and food menu and finally the predicted itinerary for the trip. In fact, thru hiking demands a professional approach with a healthy dose of common sense, curiosity, foresight and training.

It is true that the point of heading out on an adventure is to learn your limits, but careless planning is sure to make you learn those limits much sooner.

Having an outdoor mindset is willing to walk into an adventure while keeping your eyes open for possibilities, bifurcations and new experiences. It is about having an infinite mindset that will lead you through an adventure in spite of the challenges that you may face and regardless of your initial planning.

The infinite mindset is the right one to adopt in times of uncertainty, when you feel that the world around you is not what you imagined and not even what had planned for. In life, there will be no ‘according to the plan’. You will need to adapt by adopting an infinite mindset allowing you to overcome your challenges and enjoy the journey.

Go with a goal in mind, but stay open-minded to getting lost, it is the only way to a real adventure

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So, how do you adopt that infinite mindset and what are the steps to follow?

Step 1: Plan

Set your crystal clear goal, and develop a plan. As previously said, going without a plan will make you face your limits sooner than you think. Focus on your vision, and keep it clear in your mind.

Step 2: Be Open and Flexible

The road won’t be smooth, things will go dark. Challenges will rise and will ripple your plans and strategies. Your predictions will change; you need to accept that with an open mind. Be flexible to what is happening, accept the change and most importantly respect your surroundings.

Step 3: Adapt

This is the chance for you to reinvent your plan and yourself. Working with the situation requires you to decide to change some things. Embrace that change; be creative in these uncertain times. No one was ever declared the winner of life; we just have to stay in the game.

See you at the top!

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