24 hours of Mindfulness

You are the Sky,
everything else is just the weather.

Pema Chödrön

33°57’57.5″N 35°46’59.1″E

Imagine going on an adventure with your buddy, and committing to living in the present. Disconnecting from all your surrounding and connecting deeper with your mind and body. Constantly expressing your thoughts, to make them adhere to the present.

The weather was clear, the sun was strong, the wind felt good as it streamed in the open window of the car while driving an hour from home. Our mindfulness journey was about to begin. We hiked along a river reaching virgin spots overlooking the valley, meditating while listening to the current streaming down brushing earth underneath. We watched the wind caress newly born tree leaves while we sat down meditating. We usually build bridges to cross rivers, this time however, when the trail and the river intersected, the trail went below. We crossed looking up towards the flow of the water appreciating the energy it carries and recharging on its determination. The trail disappeared in the river, we had reached a beautiful spot carved in the colored rocks. The current was slower, the rocks were larger and we were about to engage in the most amazing exercise of mind-body awareness. We dipped our feet in the cold running water, closed our eyes and felt the power of the river, the rhythm of its flow. Its energy grabbed our feet and its temperature was climbing up through our body asking our brains for comfort. It felt like talking to the river, connecting our bodies. We were one.

The little things, the little moments?
They aren’t little

jon kabat zinn

On our way back, a water pipe crossed the river from side to side, hanging 9 meters above. We walked on it, and when in the middle, with nothing but void between us and the running waters we sat down and engaged in a mindfulness conversation.

We were far away from our familiar surroundings, so we headed to find a good camping spot. Sunken in between spring trees, with an incredible sunset view, we set up our tent. As the sun was setting and the sky was turning into a spectrum of purple and orange, we embraced the silence of the moment to listen to Nature around us. And there it goes, the infinite symphony of noises that we usually take for granted. In that moment, nothing was for granted; we appreciated everything, from the oxygen we were breathing to the gravity that was grounding us. Earth rotated, we lit a fire.

Gazing at one of Nature’s mysterious element, looking at the infinite shapes formed within the flames of the crackling wood. Peeling crust after crust, burning and sparkling light from within.

Mindfulness is appreciating the light beneath your crust.

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