3 things you should do as a Leader

Value trust, and trust will value you!

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Social and economic crisis can have a toll on us both physically and mentally. While it is important to indulge in our feelings and understand them, it is also important to keep being productive, and adjust to the uncertainties that surround us. In order to do so, having a mentally healthy and motivated pack can help us adapt and overcome these challenges. Maintaining a positive environment, communicating and empowering your pack are three ways to keep them motivated to push forward.

1. Maintain a positive environment!

A sick employee will not enjoy coming to work every day to talk about his or her illness. Equally, to maintain a positive team morale, we should make sure the workplace is an optimistic environment; a place where they can come, be productive, be together and do their best to overcome everything.

This can be accomplished by creating more collaboration between departments, more collective meetings, events and lunches. While the budget might not allow for much, a collective coffee hour to start-up the week might allow the team to catch up, have a laugh and start the week with a boost!

Engaging work begets an engaging team!

Lauren Karam

2. Value Communication!

We are social animals, we love to connect, in all sort of ways. Communication plays an integral role in building trust and relationships within the pack.

Relationships within the workplace define the ability for your team to connect and communicate, work and brainstorm together. Relationship creation can be endorsed through genuine interactions and spontaneous gatherings.
Trust is built upon those relationships. Building trusting teams are interwoven structures that allow for exponential growth. Trust is what will allow team members to interrupt each other, shout, and connect freely in brainstorming session. Making everyone feel safe, fulfilled and satisfied develops trust.

3. Empower everyone around you!

Feeling helpless kills motivation. Your team’s morale will affect how engaged they are with work. By making them feel empowered and responsible, they will feel motivated to create a change within their position.
Try asking each person in your team the following questions:

– Do you think we are doing everything we can to adapt and overcome the situation?
– What do you think we can do to make this situation better for us?
– How do you think we should implement these changes?
– Could you prepare a proposal about the changes you think are necessary?

By asking these questions, you are making your team think about how they can impact the company, know their opinion matters to you, and motivate them to take action.

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