Find out how Privilege can ruin your life!

Privilege is a valid reason for the downtrodden

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Making something happens starts with the decision of taking action. We all know this but we don’t always do it. We are all aware of the things that make us happy, we can spot those patterns and repeat them, but somehow we always fall back into the rabbit hole and lose our drive.
The captain changed his ship’s course.

A common misbelief is the thought of being under privileged, or that someone else on this planet is more privileged than you.

Our Mindset exercise is an exercise we have designed to help our clients learn how to take control of their lives on a daily basis. Setting new patterns and habits that will help you move forward towards your goal so that they become a part of you and help you live your Why and closer to your Vision.

Last week, Maria, in this exercise was feeling down, had lost hope, and had completely let go of her will to make something happen. She wasn’t only playing the victim but also blaming life on being unfair. In her eyes, the world was so unjust to the point that her actions would not make a difference in her life anymore.

“Other people are more privileged. They live in a country where their basic needs are provided, the quality of life is better and the opportunities are more frequent”.


While this statement might be true, the mindset behind this statement is the one in the wrong.

Where does privilege start? Where does it end?

What defines privileged people, what are the standards?

Isn’t there a child somewhere in the world thinking about the majority of us who have access to clean potable water?

Isn’t there a mother in the world who still has to walk great distances to provide food and nutrition to her children?

Isn’t there an investor or a stockbroker blaming the market for his recent losses?

You can focus on playing the victim, sitting in the passenger’s seat; or choose to play the leader of your life and sit in the driver’s seat!

We invite you to adopt a GAP mindset! Do the following exercise and let us know how do you feel:

G – Gratitude: Are you grateful for what you have? Do you know what are the things that make you happy on this planet?

A – Attitude: What is your attitude towards what you have achieved? What is your attitude towards what other people have achieved?

P – Perspective: Do you have the right perspective on the things you want in your life? Are you looking at them from the passenger’s or the driver’s seat position?


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