How to keep moving forward during uncertainty?

As humans, what scares us the most is the unknown. We like to feel in control and we feel uncertainty robs us from being in control. Moving forward and reaching goals in an uncertain environment comes in 3 steps: Acceptance, Assessment, and Setting an action plan 1. Acceptance Embracing the idea that nothing external isContinue reading “How to keep moving forward during uncertainty?”

24 hours of Mindfulness

Imagine going on an adventure with your buddy, and committing to living in the present. Disconnecting from all your surrounding and connecting deeper with your mind and body. Constantly expressing your thoughts, to make them adhere to the present. The weather was clear, the sun was strong, the wind felt good as it streamed inContinue reading “24 hours of Mindfulness”

How to influence your loved ones?

It is almost difficult to imagine that a sailboat could leave shore when the wind is coming from the opposite direction. In fact, sailing upwind is all about understanding the physical forces hitting the sail of the boat and maneuvering the sail’s rotation to get the resulting pushing force needed. A sailboat never sails directlyContinue reading “How to influence your loved ones?”

Start adopting an Outdoors Mindset

The pack travels is a program we offer in which we cover great distances while carrying our backpacks throughout the whole trip. Before every trip, a meeting is held discussing the trail’s distance, landscape and difficulty; the necessary gear and food menu and finally the predicted itinerary for the trip. In fact, thru hiking demandsContinue reading “Start adopting an Outdoors Mindset”

5 levels of leadership you should know

For a lion, learning to hunt is one of the most important skills that it will ever acquire. In the early days hunting is a combination of instinct, observation, and practice for young lions.Watching their mothers hunt, cubs learn by watching their mothers capture the prey, before going trying tactics and skills on their own. Teaching isContinue reading “5 levels of leadership you should know”